Zoning System Benefits

When it comes to keeping your house cool in the summer, it can be difficult to create the same level of comfort throughout the home. Zoning may be the answer. There are several benefits of zoning systems. A careful evaluation of these can help you to determine if zoning is an appropriate optoin for your home.

Energy Savings

If there are areas of your home where you usually do not spend time in during the day, such as bedrooms or guest rooms, you may not want to cool them. A zoning system lets you turn off the air conditioning to those unused areas while still keeping the occupied places in your home cool. This saves you money on your energy bills since you aren’t wasting your air conditioning dollars to cool rooms without people in them.

Customized Cooling

In many families, there is one person who always seems to be cold. One of zoning system benefits that can help such families is the ability to set the air conditioner at a higher temperature to keep it warmer in a room with a cold person and cooler for the rest of the house. This can help prevent fights over the thermostat.

New Home Features

Homes built with lofted ceilings or large banks of windows pose cooling and heating problems. With high ceilings, heat during the winter rises to the top of the ceiling, far from the people inside the home. In the summer, sunlight streaming in large areas of windows can make one room uncomfortably warm and difficult to cool. If you have zoning, the room with the windows can have its thermostat set to a lower temperature than the rest of the house.


Many homes are built today with an eye toward making the smallest impact possible on the environment. With a zoned heating and cooling system, you will automatically optimize your HVAC usage, which reduces the amount of electricity you use for your home, and less electricity is always a benefit to the environment, especially if your energy provider gets its electricity from fossil fuels.

If you think a zoning system is the best option for you, call a professional heating and cooling company to install and service your zoned air conditioner or heater so you can get the biggest benefit from it possible. Before the heavy A/C usage of summer or the high heating requirements of the winter start, have your home prepared.

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