Worcester Bosch Gas Boilers – Highly Rated Heating Units

Worcester is a very reputable name in the heating and cooling industry. According to a survey evaluating customer satisfaction, out of 10 installers, 9 of them will set up Worcester Bosch gas boilers in their residences. Corgi, which stands for product safety, expertise and trust, has even voted for Worcester as the boiler of the year for three consecutive years.

There are a number of reasons why the Worcester gas boiler is highly regarded. For one, the company is one of the world leaders when it comes to producing highly efficient condensing boilers Worcester Bosch. The materials they use are of excellent quality and their employees are knowledgeable and trained in the field. Before a Worcester Bosch boiler reaches a home, it undergoes rigid product testing to make sure that it surpasses standard expectations. Hence, it’s no wonder that the Worcester gas boiler is one of the top picks of buyers.

Another main advantage of opting for a Worcester gas boiler is that they are offering a range of heaters that are very efficient; hence, these aid in reducing energy bills. Apart from being highly efficient, the new line of gas boiler Worcester known as the Greenstar range also aspires to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere to lessen the deteriorating impacts of heating equipment to the surroundings. This line of boilers is also compatible with Greenstar solar panels, which is a wonderful option for those who wish to use renewable energy resources. Worcester Bosch continues to perfect their Greenstar series and they have made enhancements on the Greenstar wall-mounted range, as well as the Greenstar floor-standing gas boilers, to make installations much more simpler; thereby, also saving consumers time and money.

Worcester condensing boilers function at more than 90% efficiency and there is a selection of superior quality combi or combination boilers, regular or heating boilers, and also system boilers. Though Worcester Bosch gas boilers often receive glowing feedbacks from installers and homeowners, there are also some who aren’t fully satisfied with the brand. Some complain of leaking, corrosion, failure of heat exchangers, control board problems, as well as defective plastic components. Boiler repairs are very costly to repair, particularly if these breakdown after the warranty period. Costs involve new parts and labor. Though some boiler problems cannot be avoided, particularly if these are due to the normal wear and tear that all equipment go through, what consumers can do is ensure that boilers are well-maintained so that problems can be detected early on.