Wood Or Gas For Your Fireplace

Millions of single unit homes are equipped with a fireplace. It is a choice people make for several reasons. To use as a supplemental heating source and save on energy bills, to use for ambiance and decor, and some for ecological concerns. Often people wonder whether to buy a wood or a gas fireplace.

If you choose to use wood here are somethings to consider.
First you will need an outside outlet for smoke, that is a chimney or a conduit. It is not possible to have an unvented wood fireplace.
When buying wood you will have to consider whether to buy hardwood like oak, or cherry or softwood like pine. The choice of wood will determine the amount of heat your fire will provide. Hardwoods provide a better fire but are more expensive. Wood is usually sold by volume and you may want to order a chord or more at a time, to save on delivery charges.

You should not burn fresh cut wood for several reasons. The first reason is environmental, burning “green” wood emits more pollutants than a seasoned wood. Another reason is that dry wood burns better and produces more heat than fresh wood. Finally “green” wood causes more soot to be deposited on your equipment and in the chimney. To have seasoned wood you must store it outside but with some protection from the elements (a tarp with open sides will do.) It takes about 16 to 24 months depending on conditions. Poor quality wood should be shunned.

If you choose gas you can have a vented or a vent free fireplace. Once gas fireplaces were the mockery of many people because they looked fake, with a blue flame. Today both ventless gas fireplaces and vented fireplaces have improved and the illusion of a wood fire is perfect, without the inconvenience of wood. The advantages are that you no longer have the wood chore, you never need to have the chimney cleaned and you can start a fire with the click of a switch. Heating output of a gas fireplace is very good depending on the model you choose and the level of flame you select.

Whether you choose a wood burning or gas fireplace, many people choose to cover the opening with fireplace glass doors. The glass doors allow you to see the fire and gives a very elegant yet cozy look to your room.