Wood Burning Stoves


Contrary to what many people currently think the wood burning stove has not yet gone out of style, especially in rural parts of the country and places further north. In fact, a lot of stores that stock appliances and outdoor equipment have contemporary wood burning stoves available for purchase. There are some things you should know before buying a wood burning stove. They do have advantages over traditional stoves but drawbacks as well. And there are different kinds available.

One of the reasons to buy a wood burning stove is that it is generally more cost effective. Wood stoves tend to be cheaper than other types because the fuel is cheaper than oil or electricity. If the power goes out your home will be still be be cozy. A drawback to these stoves is the amount of effort involved. It takes wood to burn which means either buying it cut already or going outside and chopping up some logs yourself. Wood stoves are divided into two types. The first type, small wood burning stoves fit inside your home. The second is larger and made to be outside in a shed. A larger outdoor stove, similar to a wood burning furnace can be feed with bigger pieces of wood and does not have to checked on often while one in your kitchen will require slightly more upkeep.

The above are just a few of the factors you should think about if considering buying a wood burning stove. This is one of the cheaper techniques to get heat but your initial investment could be a little daunting. These stoves can cost anywhere from $200-$1000. You have to remember this is a price you pay only once. If you can save money on heating every winter over a couple years the stove has paid itself off. Just make sure you live in an area where firewood is readily available.