Beat the Heat with a Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are a convenient way to cool down certain areas of your house.  Oftentimes, it’s simply not economical to cool down an entire house.  There are plenty of rooms in your house that you probably don’t enter on a regular basis, and there’s no need to waste energy cooling those areas down.

Finding the right window a/c unit for your room begins with measuring both the room and the window.  You measure the window for the obvious reason of not wanting to buy an air conditioner that won’t fit.  You measure the room to make sure you are finding the most efficient air conditioner for the space you’re planning on cooling.  Air conditioners are labeled for the room sizes that they’re best used for in either square feet or cubic feet, so make sure you measure the length, width and height of the room.

The EER (energy efficiency ratio) is a number that represents how efficient an a/c unit is.  The higher this number is, the more efficient it is considered.  Right now, these typically range from 9-12, but as technology improves this average range continues to increase.  Another important efficiency factor to look at is to see whether the unit has the Energy Star seal which requires that a cooling unit be at least 10% more efficient than minimum government standards.

Finally, consider the style of your window before running out to buy an air conditioner.  If you have the type of windows that slide open horizontally, then you can’t simply tilt your air conditioner on its side and hope for the best.  They actually make vertical window air conditioners specifically for this style of window.  These air conditioners have a taller, and thinner profile than standard window unit air conditioners.

Shopping for a window air conditioner can be a bit difficult at times.  Look online for the best possible deals, but before you purchase make sure it’s rated to cool the size of the room you’re putting it in, energy efficient enough to keep your bills low, and of the proper style for your type of windows.