Why Stealth Ceiling Fans Are Becoming Top Sellers

A stealth ceiling fan is a very functional yet very stylish piece of modern décor. Unlike a traditional antique or brass ceiling fan, a stealth ceiling fan is low slung and has aerodynamically shaped blades. These blades are shaped just like the wings on that iconic piece of 20th century military hardware the Stealth bomber. Like the stealth bomber a stealth ceiling fan assumes a low profile and is hard to notice.

This is why many people prefer the stealth ceiling fan because it is hard to notice. It doesn’t detract from contemporary décor or distract people while they’re working, reading or watching TV, and since it is uses a modern electric motor, a stealth ceiling fan is also very quiet. This makes it perfect for people who to circulate air in smaller rooms but don’t want to disturb the occupants.

Hugger Ceiling Fans

A big reason why the stealth fan is so hard to notice is that it can be ordered in colors to match the paint on the ceiling. This keeps the fan from detracting from the style of a room. It also keeps the fan from being an eyesore. Many people like the idea of circulating air and cooling off without wasting money on air conditioners. Yet they hate the idea of a huge old fashioned fan hanging from the ceiling and becoming the center of attention.

Stealth ceiling fans circulate air without becoming an eyesore or a curiosity piece. Instead they’re as easy to ignore as any other light fixture. A gyro stealth ceiling fan is a fan with two sets of blades instead of one. This enables one fan to be able to cool off a large room. It reduces the amount of work need to install fans and reduces the number of holes that need to be cut in the ceiling.

Many hugger ceiling fans and stealth ceiling fans are also very energy efficient. They use far less energy than an air conditioner so they will save a homeowner some money. This can enable a person to enjoy their home without spending a fortune. Plus, they just look cool, especially in a game room or rec room.