Whole House Air Cleaner Types

If you are thinking about a whole house air cleaner or purifier, there are many brands and choices on the market today. There are in general five different types of whole house air cleaners, the HEPA filters that attach to your ductwork, the type of electronic air cleaners available, electrostatic air cleaner devices, UV air purifier systems and Ozone-Ion air purifier systems. Each type works in a different way, and the choice will be yours as to which of the five types will work best in your home, beginning with an explanation of each.

The first type of whole house air cleaner, and probably the most popular and best whole house air cleaner is the HEPA filter type. This kind of whole house air cleaner attaches to your furnace duct and draws out a percentage of the air and cleans it. Another type is the electronic whole house air cleaner which attaches to the output of your air conditioning system with cells that attract dust particles. A third type is the UV whole house air cleaner which uses ultra-violet light to kill mold and bacteria from the air conditioning system.

The next two types are the electrostatic air cleaner systems, which replace the disposable filters in your air conditioning or heating units and are constructed of polypropylene which allows them to become statically charged when air passes through, keeping the dust particles on the filter. The last type is the ionizer units which emit negative ions into the air. These negative ions then attach themselves to floating dust particles and float to the ground, where you can vacuum them up. However, ionizer systems are not for those with allergies or asthma since these type of whole house air cleaners can drop the dust particles onto the asthma sufferer while he is sleeping.

Prices for whole house air cleaners can vary based upon brand, type and ratings. The Honeywell whole house air cleaner comes in a variety of types including the electronic kind, the HEPA system as well as the electrostatic kind. There are many other brands of whole house air cleaners available as well, so look carefully before you buy and be aware that you may have to go through a local contractor in order to get a whole house air cleaner installed. Proper installation is key to having a system that runs efficiently. Cutting corners on installation can cost you money in the long run.