What You Should Know About a Wood Furnace

A wood furnace is an inexpensive way to keep warm and it doesn’t emit any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Since wood is a renewable energy source, it’s good for the environment since it is not using fossil fuels. Wood furnaces have been used in cold climates for a long time to provide heat for the very cold and long winters. A wood furnace is for someone who lives in a cold climate where there is plenty of firewood available.

An outdoor wood furnace is located in a building outside of the home to keep the smoke mess away from the home. The wood produces heat which is transferred through insulted pipes underground into the home. Outdoor wood furnaces can also heat other buildings and areas such as greenhouses, pools, and spas. The benefits of the outdoor wood furnace are that you will not be bothered with smoke or ashes while still keeping warm all winter.

In the old days, the only choice was to burn wood in a fireplace. It didn’t warm the entire house, but only the room where the fireplace was located. Now, the entire house can be kept warm in the chilling winter with an outdoor wood furnace, which is much more convenient. The entire house gets heat distributed throughout it and nobody has to breathe the smoke that can come from firewood. The heat is controlled with a thermostat so you can heat the home as warm as you like. This method of heating is much cheaper than electric heating.

There are other types of wood furnaces besides the outdoor variety. There is a Central Wood Furnace which is placed inside the home. It either uses forced air or hot water to keep the home warm. There is also the Multi Fuel Furnace which can either be located inside or outside the home and it can also burn other types of fuel besides wood such as gas or oil.

If you choose an indoor furnace, you can decide between one that burns only wood or one that burns wood as well as wood and gas or wood and oil.

As with everything the price depends on what type of furnace you want, the manufacturer, and more. The price of a wood burning furnace can average from $1,000-$8,000. The prices can also be lower or higher. Used furnaces will be cheaper while the top notch ones to keep large homes toasty warm will be at the high end.

While a wood burning furnace is cheaper than other heating alternatives, it does require work and tends to be messier. You will have to keep a supply of firewood and also stack it and replenish the furnace with wood when needed. Obviously it also produces smoke and ash, which other heating alternatives such as gas or electricity do not do. You need to make sure to use the right type of furnace filters for a wood furnace. If you don’t mind this extra work, then you will benefit greatly from the monetary savings, environment friendly benefits, and the reliability of a wood furnace.