What Can You Do With Solar Electric Panels?

Solar electric panels have become the latest craze in alternative electricity choices for private homes and small businesses. There are a few things to know before you go and hookup solar electric panels.


There are a lot that goes into having solar electricity, you have to have the right amount of panels and cells; you also have to have good weather to get any sufficient amount of energy to pull. However, saying that, solar panels are doing great things in secret and in other states in the Union and places around the world.

Making Beer

A beer brewery and restaurant invested in a whopping 300 electric panels and that is an investment indeed especially since the brewery is in Michigan which sees less sunlight than a solar electric panel does.

How did they benefit?

They cut their gas and water bill nearly in half. Now, if a brewery which works practically 24/7 you can imagine what that would do for a single family home.

Power your plane

OK so it was only a 19 hour short flight, it was slow but a commercial jet airliner cruised on solar energy from Madrid Spain to Rabat. This may have only been a start and whether we will get solar energy in the future for this is unknown but it sheds hope on the future for the small solar panels.

Stadium Power

The Dragon Stadium has been powered with solar electric panels for quite some time. Whether it will be a commonplace thing or not for stadiums across the country and around the world is yet to be seen.

Solar Cooking

This is one of the best ways to use solar electric panels. You can do this at home successfully because the test area used for this was in the Mount Everest base camp. Solar energy is used for the refugee camps during times of disaster. This is an area of development that is ripe with promise because this would cut the amount of death, disease and injury caused by the wait for electricity.

Turn ocean water into a drinkable substance

This is one of the largest concentrations of study aside from the solar cooking as the world due to climate change has inherited a drinking water issue. Solar energy panels are used in the heating of the water which runs the turbine that runs the desalinization tank.

Support quality of life in third world countries

When a village is without electricity, you have the issue of cutting off growth in the life-force of a country. This will affect banking, commerce, education and many other vital resources to the people living there.

Powering a space station or satellite

NASA has been powering satellites with minute maintenance needed for a very long time because of the guaranteed sunlight out of the space of Earth’s surface.

It is hard to imagine that solar electric energy panels in Irvine couldn’t break into other states and places in the world and offer their services to the people of the planet on a regular basis