Water Filters Reviews: Brita and Pur Water Pitchers

Drinking filtered water has a number of benefits. Apart from many consumers attesting that filtered water tastes and smells better, this also has many health benefits. The most important function of a water filter is sieving or filtering impurities and harmful compounds in water, such as lead and other contaminants, including some bacteria or viruses that cause water-borne diseases. Yet it can be challenging choosing a water filter as there are many varieties sold in the market today. To make your job much easier, read about water filters reviews to get an idea regarding what products are continuously getting positive feedback and which types or brands often leave unsatisfactory consumers.

Two well-known brands in the water filtration industry are Brita and Pur. One of Brita’s most popular products today is the Brita 42629 Slim Pitcher and the Pur CR-6000 2 Stage Oval Water Pitcher for Pur. Pitchers that come with filters are gaining in popularity as these are compact, handy, lightweight, and very suitable for use in small or large spaces.

Brita 42629 Slim Pitcher
A Brita water filters review is a good source of product information. Many consumers enjoy and are more than satisfied with the Brita pitcher because it’s compact and really easy to put in the fridge or bring camping. Moreover, it’s highly efficient filtration medium properly filters water, leaving out the impurities and giving the consumer healthful and cleaner water. A lot of people have also mentioned that the filter does remove some of the chlorine-taste in water. This pitcher is also quite long-lasting, if properly cared for. Some individuals have stated that they’ve had their Brita pitcher for 5 years and it still performs well and the surface of the pitcher does not get yellow, as compared with other brands. Still, there are some who were not so satisfied with the product. They complained of black granules coming out from the filter, which can be easily remedied by soaking a new filter in water for about 10 to 15 minutes. Others have commented that the top portion of the pitcher where the water to be filtered goes is quite small; hence, the time it takes to filter water can be quite lengthy.

Pur CR-6000 2 Stage Oval Water Pitcher
As for Pur water filters review, many are also happy with their Pur pitchers because these are wonderful space-savers and these can hold about seven 8-ounce glasses. The filters are also quite efficient because one water filter can filter about 40 gallons of water. The filtering medium is said to remove about 99.9% of water impurities, and leaves water tasting better. What most consumers like about the Pur pitcher is that its plastic is truly heavy-duty. Here, filters are also a cinch to replace. One just has to twist it until the filter is freed. Many find the Pur pitcher to fill water much faster too. They only feel the filling time going slower when the filter cartridge becomes old, which means that it needs to be replaced. While others are more than satisfied with the plastic pitcher, some say that it’s flimsy and breakable. But most agree that its water filters work really well.