Waste Oil Heaters – Mistakes to Avoid

Many people know that waste oil heaters can save them a great deal of money. If you do not have all the facts however, you will not benefit from the maximum savings possible. What follows are the main mistakes people make when using or setting up waste oil heaters to heat their home.

1. They do not research waste oil sources

The major savings you gain from using waste oil heat in your home comes from the source of fuel – waste oil. In and of itself it is significantly cheaper than using gas or oil to heat your home. However, if you do not do a little research to find out the cheapest place to secure waste oil, you can still pay too much. Going straight to the source can prove much cheaper than approaching a third party like a waste oil recycling plant. Lastly, many states give tax incentives for using waste oil to heat your home. If you do not do your homework and get the facts, you will miss out on some very significant savings.

2. They do no use plans when building waste oil heaters

It is entirely possible to spend some time an build your own waste oil heater by yourself and further save on the cost of buying a ready made heater. However, if you do so without waste oil heater plans, you may end up wasting time and money when the heater does not work the way it should. Plans can help you save money by suggesting the use of discarded appliance parts and will also suggest the cheapest and most appropriate parts to buy. Saving money by not using plans will cost you money in the long run.

3. They do not purchase reliable brands name waste oil heaters

People who use waste oil heaters tend to be by nature frugal people. To this end, they may cut corners and buy the cheapest but not necessarily most reliable waste oil heater on the market. If the heater is not built with efficiency in mind, it can make up for its cheap initial costs in no time. Do not be penny-wise and pound- foolish. Meaning, do not make the mistake of setting up a heating system to ultimately save you money and cut corners that will save you money initially but cost you more later.  A Lanair waste oil heater and Eliminator waste oil heater are two brands that are well known and reliable. If you plan to purchase a waste oil heater, these are good brands to go with.