Caring for Washable Furnace Filters

If you use washable furnace filters in your furnace instead of the replaceable kind, you will save money over time. When you consider the fact that furnace filters should be cleaned or replaced every month, you will quickly see the cost savings that can add up from using washable furnace filters.

Maintenance techniques for washable furnace air filters vary, depending on the type of filter you have, but for the most part, the procedure is similar. Make sure you read the instructions for your furnace thoroughly, so that you understand the proper procedure. Before getting ready to remove the furnace filter, you should disconnect the power and fuel supplies as a safety precaution. Then, you need to locate the service panel for the furnace, and open the door, being careful to follow the instructions provided in the instruction manual. Opening the door might require the use of a tool, such as a screwdriver. Make sure that the replacement washable furnace filter that you purchase is quality made. If not, it will clog easily and you’ll have to replace it prematurely. Honeywell furnace filters make excellent and reliable washable filters.

Once the service panel is open, you will want to locate the washable furnace air filter. Depending on the type and brand of filter you are using, it will look different. However, basically, you will be looking for a rectangular object, about an inch wide, which is made from a spongy material. Once you locate the filter, remove it, and hold it up to the light to see if it appears to need cleaned. If you cannot see through the filter, it is time to clean it. Because of the fact that washable furnace filters do not need to be thrown away and replaced each month, you simply need to remove the washable furnace filter, and clean it. You will probably want to do this outdoors if possible, or in a utility sink where it will not matter if you splash some water. You can rinse the dirt and debris off washable furnace filters with a garden hose, sink spray hose, or simply by running the filter under the faucet of a utility sink. When you are done, be sure to let the filter dry thoroughly before you replace it in the furnace. This will help to prevent it from clogging again prematurely. Close the service panel door, and reconnect the power and fuel sources. The entire cleaning process will probably take less than 15 minutes to complete, and will go a long way towards keeping your furnace in good working order, as well as keeping the air you breathe free of dirt and airborne particles and pollutants.