Choosing a Washable Air Filter for Your Home

When choosing air filters for your heating and cooling systems, one of the best choices is a washable air filter. Instead of using cheap fiberglass filters that cannot remove much more than the largest particles of airborne contaminants from the air, washable air filters for house and office use are able to remove much smaller particles, keeping the air much cleaner. Inexpensive fiberglass throw-away filters were specifically designed to protect your home’s equipment, and not specifically to clean the air you breathe.

Instead of replacing a throw-away air filter every month, with a washable air filter, you simply remove the filter, wash it, and then re-install it. This not only eliminates the monthly expense of purchasing new filters, it also reduced the amount of waste you create, since throwing away a filter every month can ultimately add up to a lot of landfill waste. Although the initial cost of a washable air filter is higher than a disposable filter, the advantages of cleaner air and the elimination of the need to purchase new filters are worth the initial cost. Changing over to washable air filters was one of the best home repair tips I ever received.

You may also have dedicated air purifiers within your home, which can also benefit from a washable air filter. Because they can eliminate even very small particles of pollutants from the air, they are very effective when used in an air purifier. An air purifier with washable filter technology greatly improves the quality of the air within your home, removing pollutants such as pet dander, dust mites, mold spores and other contaminants that can aggravate allergies and asthma. In order to keep your air purifier working efficiently, you simply remove and clean the air purifier washable filter, and then replace it.

Washable air filters work by creating a static charge, which then attracts and holds dust and pollutant particles to the washable filter. Efficient types of washable filters are often able to remove almost 90% of the pollutants from the air, as opposed to traditional filters only being able to remove 10% to 40% of the pollutants. This increased air cleaning efficiency can make a dramatic difference in the air quality within your home.

When using a good quality filter such as the EZ 2000 electrostatic washable air filter, you will have the assurance of knowing you have purchased a high quality product with a good warranty. These types of filters are easy to install… you simply replace your existing disposable filter with the washable filter. They come in standard sizes, and can even be ordered in custom sizes if required.