Wall, Ceiling and Baseboard Electric Heaters for Homes

There are many options of electric heaters for homes. These vary in performance, style, and design; thus, offering consumers with varied placement or mounting options. For personal spaces or houses, some of the popular choices are electric wall heaters for homes, ceiling heaters, and electric baseboard heaters for homes.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a wall heater is room size. There are small electric heaters for homes of areas up to 150 square feet; while medium rooms should have wall heaters that can suitably provide heat for an area up to 300 square feet and 900 square feet for large rooms. Popular suppliers of electric heaters include Stelpro, Qmark, and Dimplex. Stelpro wall heaters are known to be very quiet, and their compact design makes them ideal heating appliances for rooms with limited space. These can also reset automatically, and this is a good safety feature. A number of Stelpro models are CSA certified. A CSA certification indicates that a product has met Canadian or US requirements. Qmark models can cover larger areas. It can also be used in commercial settings. Several models have built-in thermostats and a fan delay switch. The safety feature of many Qmark models is that a unit can detect when it is becoming overheated and immediately disconnects itself from its power source. It is UL listed, which means that a product has met and complied with certain standards. A number of Dimplex wall heaters have fans that help in distributing warm air when turned on. These have built-in timers and thermostats. The safety feature is the automatic reset capability that activates when very high temperatures are sensed by the device. This is also CSA certified.

As for ceiling heaters, most of these are placed in bathrooms or near front or back entrance doors. Stelpro, Qmark, and TPI Markel are among the popular brands. Fan forced ceiling heaters are the most commonplace styles. Here, pockets of warm air are pushed down by the device. There’s also ceiling heaters that use infrared bulbs, known as bathroom exhaust fans. These types are very suitable for bathrooms where the infrared light warms people only, and not things or the atmosphere. Then, there’s also the style that combines the features of the fan forced and bathroom exhaust fans.

Baseboard electric heaters for homes generally use a closed pipe system. This is where hot water heated up by the furnace flows to the different areas of a residence. Most people find these types economical because rooms still feel warm even when the furnace has been turned off for quite awhile. But the downside of electric baseboard heaters is that utility bills can skyrocket, especially in areas where power supply is expensive. These heaters can be mounted on walls or on floors.