Various Benefits Of Using Electric Infrared Heaters

There are many advantages of using infrared heaters and they are fast becoming a popular alternative to other heating systems.

In view of the fact that electromagnetic radiation is the means of producing energy through this heater it does not simply heat the air but is directed towards the objects or people in the room resulting in feeling warm sooner than by other methods.

In the case of most traditional heaters that work with gas or wood, the process of heating starts with the air in the room being heated first and thereafter only do the individuals start feeling the warmth.

Furthermore, this type of heater tends to direct the heat towards the ceiling or floor with the air in between remaining cold for a long time. With infrared heaters there’s no loss of energy because the heat directly targets the people or objects without being sent to the four corner of the room to no effect.

Electric Infrared Heaters for Efficiency

electric infrared heaterAlthough infrared heaters can work with oil or wood, electric infrared heaters are more efficient and easy to use because all you have to do is find an outlet to plug in the heater and switch it on for the room to start getting warm.

When oil and wood is used, there must be ventilation as well as storage tanks to store the fuel all of which makes it more expensive than when using an electric infrared heater. It is also a good alternative to central heating   which uses up energy to heat up the whole house whereas with an infrared heater, you heat up only a specific area thereby cutting down on energy loss.

Another point that should be taken into consideration when looking for a heating solution is the safety aspect where there are children.


While gas heaters have an open flame that can be a risk when children are about, infrared heaters do not have any such flame while the heating elements are covered to prevent any burns and the appliance itself is encased and kept cool through an inbuilt fan.

Those who are prone to allergies will be better off by using electric infrared heaters because they do not emit any fumes or gases that can cause adverse reactions in many people.

Additionally, since fuel is never used in these heaters for combustion purposes, the heat that emits is not only pure and safe but is also cost efficient while at the same time contributing in a very positive manner towards the greening of our globe.