Types of High Efficiency Valliant boilers

Vaillant has been making heating systems for more than a century, starting in 1874. The company is an established leader when it comes to innovative designs. Vaillant offers several combination boilers, system boilers and open vent boilers.

Combination Boiler

Combi boilers or combination boilers are very popular because these kinds are very economical in the sense that they provide heating and hot water with lower energy consumption; hence, more savings on the part of homeowners. Vaillant boilers are known to be more efficient than other typical boilers. The ecoTEC exclusive, for instance, consumes less energy but it features a high domestic flow rate. This means that baths and showers are speedily provided with hot water. Design controls have been enhanced so that homeowners and service men will be readily able to view the status of the boiler. This is a good choice for larger homes with many baths, and this has a SEDBUK Band “A” rating. Other combi boilers from Vaillant are the ecoTEC plus and ecoTEC pro.

System Boiler

There are currently six (6) ecoTEC plus systems with central heating heat outputs between 4.9-12kW and 12.0-37.0kW for the ecoTEC plus 612 and ecoTEC plus 637, respectively. These boilers are SEDBUK Band “A” rated because of their high condensing efficiency. Models possess a stainless steel heat exchanger that collects precious heat and the line’s button programming allows end users and installers to easily access information regarding boiler status. Casing is sleek and polished, and the boiler itself is quite compact, weighing about 35kg. This makes the boiler fairly easy to install in almost any area desired.

Open Vent Boiler

Vaillant’s open vented boilers also have an “A” in the SEDBUK rating. The Valliant boiler stainless steel heat exchanger is very efficient in keeping heat that could be otherwise lost or wasted. There are four types of ecoTEC plus open vents, and these are: 415, 418, 428, and 438. The central heating heat output ranges between 5.0-15.3kW for the ecoTEC 415, and 6.3-38.0kW for the 438. The collection boasts of efficiencies that are more than 90%, several flueing options, and low NOx burner. This line, therefore, performs really well and is friendly to the environment.

Vaillant boilers are truly innovative and high efficiency heating devices. These have grade “A” SEDBUK ratings, which means that these types of equipment utilize fuel economically. Moreover, models are compact and lightweight compared with conventional boilers, making them the perfect choices for modern homes or areas with tight spaces.