Vaillant Boilers for the Highest Guaranteed Standards

Vaillant boilers have been on the market for about 130 years and are made in Germany. A Vaillant boiler is guaranteed the highest standards of design and precision engineering. This ensures dependable performance and reliability. They are SEDBUK A rated. The boilers have a built-in efficiency, such as high energy efficiency rating and low CO2 emission, that comes in all their products and that means fuel savings and low running costs.

Vaillant offers a huge range of combination boilers so you can find the right one for you, including size for when space is at a premium. Vaillant has great customer service to help you find the right boiler for you or to help you fix a broken one.

A Vaillant combi boiler supplies both central heating and hot water directly from the boiler, negating the need for a cold water tank or hot water cylinder. When you have limited space, the Vaillant combi boilers are the perfect choice, giving you instant hot water. While they usually can’t supply two outlets at once, they have a great hot water performance. It will only make as much heat as it needs to get the house the correct temperature, saving gas.

For a more efficient system, you need the correct controls. Since Vaillant control options are so flexible, you can use a simple plug in timer, which plugs into the boiler’s control panel, to a complicated weather compensated controller that will run the boiler in accordance with outside temperatures.

Valiant boilers are of the quietest boilers around. They have a great solid feel to them and a plastic control panel. You should only have to adjust the central heat knob occasionally when the weather changes and the hot water temperature will occasionally need to be adjusted as well. There is a built-in status and diagnostic display showing the information and temperature, keeping you apprised of any problems. Since over 80% of boiler failures are caused by install errors, it is important to keep your Vaillant boiler manual and have a certified installer put your boiler in.

All service engineers are fully trained on all Vaillant models, past and present, and are Gas Safe registered. Vaillant employs over 200 engineers located all over the UK. Each carries over 1,500 different spare Vaillant furnace parts allowing them to have a 95% first time repair rate. All Vaillant boilers have a two year warranty provided you keep your boiler serviced when required.