Use Heat Shrink Tubing To Prevent Unfortunate Electrical Accidents

Summary: Electrical gadgets have been instrumental in making our everyday life a whole lot easier. However, the onus is on us to use them in a completely safe manner. In this discourse, we will take a look at how heat shrink tubing can be used to prevent electrical accidents.

Electrical fire feature among the most common types of domestic accidents. Unless the safety of all the electrical wires and cables in your home is completely assured, the chances of such unforeseen accidents remain. Hence, keeping the cables properly organized and well-maintained at all times is of considerable essence. You can use heat shrink tubing for wire insulation. In what follows, we will focus our attention on how heat shrink tubing can help to keep electrical wires and cables safe:

  • Brings down the risk of sudden short-circuits – When an electrical circuit gets overheated, the chances of accidents increase too. However, you can effectively deal with such risks, by using heat shrink tubing. The high-quality tubes are geared to shrink back to their original diameter, when subjected to extra heat.
  • Keeps the wires and cables problem-free – Usage of heat shrink tubing goes a long way in saving your wires and cables from getting worn out pretty quickly. The tubes are typically corrosion-free, and as such, add to the durability of the wires. With damage-free wires, the risk of electrical accidents automatically goes down. You need to check the wires from time to time, for any probable frays, tears, and/or other possible problems.
  • Works under extreme temperature conditions – Irrespective of whether it is being used in your home, or in an industrial setup, heat shrink tubes remain functional even when exposed to very high temperatures. Since they do not get adversely affected in such demanding situations, they are, in turn, able to keep the wires safe as well. They also prevent the electrical cables from chemical damages too.
  • Aids electrical molding and application of tapes – It comes in extremely handy for electrical insulation and molding purposes. The tubes prevent excess load from being exerted on the wires, and are also widely used for sealings.
  • Ease of installation – Installing them is not at all a tough task either. All that you need to know is the diameter/dimensions of the wire(s) that need to be protected, so that tubes of the right sizes can be chosen. These heat shrink tubes also help in easy identification of the different electrical components, ruling out chances of future confusions.
  • Minimal chances of getting split or cracked – Heat shrink tubings rank extremely high on the durability count. They do not get easily cracked and/or damaged in any other way, and have a typically high life-span. As such, you need not worry about replacing them frequently – which could have been a costly proposition. The wires that they are meant to protect also remain safe, as a result.
  • Choice of the shrink ratio – You can add greater safety to the different electrical wires and cables at your home, by choosing heat shrink tubes of the correct ‘shrink ratio’ for them. This figure refers to the ratio between the original and the altered diameter of the tubes (i.e., the diameter it assumes after the heat shrink tube has been subjected to high temperature). You can take the help of your local electrical contractor, to find out more about the nature of heat shrink tubes that you should go for. After all, proper maintenance of the wires is of essence!

Heat shrink tubing is available in a wide array of colors and types. They do not bear high price tags either. Start using these tubes to protect your electrical wires and cables – and stay safe from accidents!

Author’s Bio: Patterson Marlin is an experienced electrical contractor. He has managed different types of electrical projects, for both home and office. In this article, he points out some of the benefits of heat shrink tubing.