Underfloor Heating Information from Architects Belfast

The traditional heating system in most homes consists of a heating source, typically called a boiler, connected to a network of pipes and metal radiators. Each room usually consists of at least one radiator depending of the size of the room. The whole system is filled with water which is heated by the boiler. The water is circulated through the pipes and radiators allowing heat to radiate from each radiator to heat the space. It has worked for many years and is a well tried and tested system. Nowadays the latest in condensing boilers and thermostatic controls makes this heating system efficient and still the preferred choice. With modern controls the amount of heat delivered to each room can be controlled very effectively. One disadvantage though with this type of heating system is that the heat from the radiators is very much concentrated in one area within a room. So the closer you are to the radiator the higher the temperature. The whole room will eventually heat up but the dispersion of the heat is not consistent throughout the room. Cold spots will probably exist in isolated areas.

With the development of under floor heating house builders have another choice. This system works by utilizing multiple layers of joint less pipes through the house embedded in the solid concrete floor structure. Heated water is pumped through the network of pipes similar to the traditional heating system except there are no steel radiators. In this case the entire floor slab effectively acts as a type of large radiator, the full size of the room. The result is an even distribution of heat throughout the space, creating a natural sense of warmth and comfort. There are a number of benefits, and these are:

  • Heat – Even distribution of heat with no cold spots
  • Convenient – All pipes buried in the floor and out of the way
  • All walls free – no wall mounted radiators with freedom to apply finishes to walls and no painting of radiators
  • Hygienic – No radiators therefore no circulation of unwanted dust particles and bacteria
  • Safety – no very hot surfaces where a child could get burnt

Architects Belfast has specified under floor heating numerous times while providing architectural services and will continue to do so. This heating system is a lot more expensive if compared to a traditional radiator system, however if the budget is available it is a worthwhile investment.