Trane Furnace Parts for Oil Furnaces: XP80 and XV80 Models

Trane oil furnaces are recognized as being very reliable and hard-wearing equipment. Reliability and durability are truly crucial features of any heating equipment because no wants to be left without heat particularly in the middle of winter. Trane oil furnaces, such as the XP80 and XV80, are not new to the market. However, these are enduring products as many consumers are really satisfied with their performance. Because these have been in the market for quite sometime, it’s also fairly easy to get Trane furnace parts for these in case something breaks down.

XP80 Features
• AFUE (heating efficiency) of up to 82.4%
• 4-speed blower speed
• Single heating stage
• Lifetime warranty for heat exchanger and 5-year warranty for other highly used parts

• AFUE of up to 82.7%
• Variable blower speed
• Single heating stage
• Lifetime warranty for heat exchanger and 10-year warranty for highly used parts
For both models, warranties are applicable only if the product is registered. One can register his Trane heaters online or by calling Trane consumer services within 60 days from the date of installation.

Trane furnaces are considered as top of the line. This means that they are very efficient and most products rarely require any service. But no matter how good the reputation of a certain brand is, consumers do encounter problems with certain products. If you think a few parts may be faulty or may have deteriorated, you can verify this with a technician and check if they have the Trane furnace replacement parts needed.

If you’re having trouble with your furnace, check the Trane oil furnace parts first before calling in a technician. Here are a few tips.
– If, for instance, your Trane furnace is not giving off enough heat, you can check if the fuel valve is properly turned on and linked to its power supply.
– If the furnace is already connected to its fuel and power source but it’s still not functioning, check the thermostat. If the temperature recorded in the thermostat is warmer than the actual temperature, the furnace will not turn on.
– If the furnace doesn’t blow out air, check if its filters are clogged. If so, rinse this in warm water, dry and replace it.

You can also download Trane furnace parts diagram on PDF format to get a better understanding about how everything works. As regards Trane furnace parts prices, these vary depending on the model of the furnace, as well as the item or part itself. To give you an idea, furnace thermostats from Trane may be priced between $300 and $820, and fuel valves may range between $330 and $500. As mentioned, prices vary because of many reasons.