Trane Air Conditioners: The Positives and the Negatives

Trane is an excellent brand that is highly esteemed in the HVAC industry. The company offers a range of functional and eco-friendly systems that are capable of cooling or heating air, as well as cleaning air. Trane provides systems to increase the comfort of homes, offices, and other large commercial, business, and institutional establishments. They trade products under two brands – Trane and American Standard – which are very well-known in providing excellent and globally competitive and innovative products.

Even though a product is well-made and fully functional, there are still people who have negative experiences with top quality products. Sometimes, the cause could be improper installation which may decrease the performance of a unit; and another may be defective product parts. The first instance can be avoided if you hire expert and certified installers who can properly set up your unit for you. Remember that getting an installer with the longest work experience isn’t necessary since the newer and more hi-tech types do not use traditional installation methods. Instead, go for highly capable and extensively trained people who have had experience in installing the same type of system that you’d like to put up. As regards some of the less than glowing comments about Trane air conditioning units, there have been complaints about: defective evaporator coils, compressor breakdowns, leaking Freon, failed valves, and many other breakdowns requiring thousands of dollars in servicing fees and leaving many customers dissatisfied.

Though there are a number of bad feedback about Trane air conditioning systems, there are also many customers who are more than satisfied with their Trane systems. For others, every aspect of their Train air conditioner worked fine. Compressors, electrical systems, and coils are working really well for them. What they often recommend is for people to have their systems checked and maintained at least once a year to ensure that all parts are in great condition. If ever minor problems are noticed, these should be readily taken care of to avoid more serious issues. Some people have even been given free warranties by their installers that are generally effective for a year and are only for Trane units. The reason why a lot of professional installers do this is because they claim they have fewer problems with Trane units compared with other brands. In general, a lot of people only have good things to say about their fully operational and long lasting Trane units that are quiet, efficient, and also friendly to the environment.