Titan Tankless Water Heaters Are Money Savers

In the early 1900s the tank water heater became the popular invention for heating water in most homes across America. The large tank took up valuable space, cost money to operate, and was not energy efficient but it was better than heating water on the stove. However, as time passed, newer styles have replaced the old tank heater, and now a tankless water heater is the most energy efficient design around.

Old tank heaters were continually heating the water in the tank. This was a waste since much of the time the water wasn’t even being used. The new Titan tankless water heaters heat water only when it is needed, thereby saving money and conserving energy. By using a new Titan tankless water heater, a homeowner can save up to 60% on the cost of heating the water as compared to other electric hot water heaters. The cold water is heated when it is needed, instantly, so there is not the problem of running out of hot water either like there is with the old tank heaters which only held a limited amount of water. Space is also saved with a Titan tankless water heater since there is not a bulky tank to house. The tankless heaters are hung on the wall taking up very little wall space. This leaves room in your basement or utility room for things you want to store, or space you want to enjoy.

Tankless water heaters are a great option in today’s economy where everyone is trying to conserve energy and save a dime. It is easy to switch the plumbing from a tank heater to a tankless one. The Titan water heater takes the place of the large tank heater. An installer hooks up the cold water and the outgoing hot water pipes and runs some wire to the tankless unit. He then adds a circuit breaker and the job is done. Many new homes today are being built with tankless heaters.