Titan Tankless Water Heaters: Small And Efficient

Titan tankless water heaters are gaining popularity among homeowners and apartment dwellers who are looking to save money and heat their water more efficiently. These units replace the traditional water heating design that stores several gallons of water and then must continually keep that water heated. Instead, tankless heaters distribute unlimited hot water on demand. These types of heaters come with several benefits, including space saving opportunities and energy efficiency. If one is looking to make improvements in the plumbing systems of one’s home, eliminating the tank is a good solution.

One of the most practical reasons to go tankless is the ability to eliminate the fear of running out of hot water. While large storage tanks usually maintain enough water for the household, there are occasions when more water is needed. Often, these occasions come up when one is expecting company, and the need to ration hot water introduces unneeded stress. A Titan system heats only the amount of water desired at any given time, and there is always enough, no matter how many people are using it.

Another great benefit of a tankless water heater is its size. Compared to traditional methods using storage containers, the systems are very small. A typical Titan water heater is 10 inches high, 7 inches wide, and about 3 inches thick. It weighs only 8 pounds. The small footprint allows for this type of heater to be installed anywhere that it is safe to operate an electrical appliance. It also runs silently, as there are no moving parts.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of Titan tankless heaters is the financial benefit they offer. The cost for a system can range anywhere from $150 for a mini heater to about $850 for the most powerful model. Since the systems do not have to reheat water in a tank constantly, they can save a household up to 60% in heating costs. The initial outlay is quickly made up in year-round savings.

Of all the manufacturers of tankless systems, Titan tankless water heaters come out at the top of comparison reviews. Their small size and ease-of-use make them a popular choice among consumers. They also offer a limited 10-year warranty, making them a sound investment in plumbing improvements.