The Three Types Of Dehumidifiers

All humidifiers work on the same principles, but each one varies slightly depending on its type. Like an air conditioner, a dehumidifier uses a refrigerant. However, it first cools the air and then warms it up to reduce the moisture making the environment more comfortable. This is done by a fan, a condenser and a tank of hot water.

The heat pump dehumidifier is used to remove water from a building using a heat pump that works like a pump used for air conditioning. A fan is used to move air through a cold coil causing the moisture to condense. Then the droplets are collected in a bucket inside the unit. The air is heated by a second coil and then released into the room at a comfortable temperature. The heat pump dehumidifier is considered the best dehumidifier available in the market.

For large industries, even in warmer climates, the most common type used is chemical absorbent dehumidifiers. This type uses a chemical drying agent that works with a heat exchanger wheel to absorb water molecules from the air. The process draws the moist air out through the openings.

The third type of fan unit is a dehumidifying unit. This works with a sensor controller and a hood. They are less effective in climates where the humidity is particularly high because the fans draw the air present outside into the house. Instead, the dehumidifying fan works very well in the basements or cellars, but you should pay special attention to how these work, as these can depressurize a room. Their spills can cause gas leakage, so be sure that if you have a gas oven it is well-ventilated. To combat this problem, a humidifier may also be needed. Check out humidifier reviews if you are interested in getting those for your home.