The passive house

The new buzz word in house construction is Passive House. This is a new type of home which is insulated, air tight, fully equipped and comfortable, while minimizing the losses of all types of energy.

This new way of designing houses, gives constructors a new possibility to combine materials which have not been used before in house designs, like cotton and wool.

A long list of improvements has been done, to conserve the energy of a passive house.  Some of the most significant is:

•A passive house has its own solar power plant, which produces electricity and heat.

•The insulation is almost 1 meter thick

•All windows are high-tech glaze windows, where heat only passes into to house

•Heat recovery ventilation, all heat are re-used and cycled back into to house

Passive solar power plant:

Solar energy is nothing new, but when you re-think house construction so that the foundation is placed in the exact angle, to ensure optimal solar hours, it becomes a new technology. A passive house is covered in solar panels, on all south facing walls.

“Castle walls”

The thicknesses of the walls are stunning, the reason is simple; no heat should escape through the walls, but should be stored inside the house. The insulation core of the walls is high-tech containing wool and cotton and other natural materials, which gives a better indoor climate.

A completely air tight home

This is one of the main features of a passive home; no air should be allowed to seep into the house. Seeping air will create a draft and heat will be carried out of the house, a passive house is completely airtight, which of course creates problems with ventilation.

Intelligent ventilation

Ventilation is a necessity in all house, no ventilation means a bad indoor climate, which results in mold and serious health issues. Passive house is born with a ground breaking ventilation system, which controls temperature, humidity and oxygen level.

The benefit of passive houses all comes down to one thing, minimizing energy consumption, and reducing the C02 pollution.