The Micathermic Heater: Another Step in Heating

Are you living in a drafty apartment? Do you not want to mess with bulky space heaters? Are Snuggies just not your style? Well, your answer is here: a micathermic heater. The micathermic radiator heater uses electricity to provide heat and are also energy-efficient, so they save you money. They use 80% convection and 20% reflective heat so that it will warm up the room quickly to make you comfortable. It even has a 12-hour timer on it to control when it tuns on and off. Micathermic heaters heat up in about one minute and it even has a digital thermostat so that you can control the temperature easily. When you get to the desired temperature the micathermic heater cuts down the power to one-third of its normal output in order to conserve energy. They can also heat up a room of about 150 square feet.

In addition, instead of being big and bulky like most space heaters, micathermic heaters are very thin, making them more movable. They can even be hung on the wall. This means that you have practically unlimited choices of where to put your heater and you are not restricted to one particular location. There’s also another good side to this piece of technology… it is contemporary style makes it fit in well with any modern home decor.

A micathermic heater is priced on the market these days at about $120. For this low price, the energy savings, the style, and the quality, this is one piece of technology that you want to have in your apartment or your home during the late Fall and Winter months. They only problem with this type of heater is that if the power goes out during the Winter due to snow or ice then you will not have any access to the heat due to the fact that it runs on electricity.

Overall, micathermic heaters are great for their energy conservation, style, and price. However, they will leave you in the cold if the power goes out. But they are still a great addition to the home if you need something other than that Snuggie to keep you warm.