The Benefits of a Portable Furnace

There are many benefits to owning a portable furnace. The most obvious benefit, being in its name, portable. Since it’s easy to move, you can relocate a portable furnace anywhere. There’s no heavy equipment or difficult installation with furnaces that are portable.

You also don’t have to worry about maintenance. Other heating sources require regular maintenance to prevent damage and costly repairs. Without regular maintenance, other heating equipment can perform less efficiently or even break and need to be repaired by a technician. With a portable furnace, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or costly repairs which can be a very big headache. There are no furnace filters to change every month.

Another reason people choose portable furnaces is to save money. They use little electricity while heating your home. Portable furnaces offer a savings of up to 40% from traditional heating. There is no giant investment, you have lower heating bills, and if you move, you can pack up your portable furnace to take with you.

Portable furnaces are also very quiet and don’t emit any fumes. When you breathe, you are not breathing anything dangerous from the furnace while it’s heating your home. Some people worry about dangerous fumes or gases being potentially leaked when using a fuel such as gas.

The original portable furnace is by Arbaco. The Arbaco portable furnace uses infrared lamps to produce heat, distributes it throughout the room, is very quiet, and uses little electricity. There are no flames or fumes to worry about.

The Arbaco C1500 is 1500 watts and heats up to 800 square feet. It’s safe to touch and comes with a 3 year warranty and will cost around $500, depending on where you purchase it.

Portable furnaces are even good enough in Canada to keep the rooms warm and comfortable in the very cold winters there. Keep in mind how many square feet each portable furnace can heat and get a separate furnace for each room, so every room can stay warm and comfortable, even in the severe Canadian winters. One portable furnace will not heat an entire house, so if you are going to use portable furnaces, get enough to heat your whole house.

The furnaces are small enough that one can fit in each room and they are barely audible. If you have another heating source, you can keep that one set at a low temperature to save money on your heating bill and get a portable furnace to provide the extra heat to stay nice and warm, using a cheap and clean heating source.

To find the right furnace for you, look for portable furnace reviews. Satisfied and non satisfied customers give their feedback on the internet. With so many people using the internet for information, there will be plenty of reviews and information online so you can choose the right portable furnace for you.