The Basics of Ventless Propane Heaters

People who live in very cold climates are usually quite familiar with the different types of heaters and fireplaces that will best heat a home.  Fireplaces are quite attractive to look at and they also enhance the beauty of the house.  However, many people may find that it is time consuming and hard work to collect, chop and store firewood needed for their fireplace.  In such cases, they may opt for a less costly alternative to real fireplaces. This alternative is ventless propane heaters.

Since propane heaters use gas to function, they are very cheap and are easily available from the manufacturers. Propane heaters can easily be installed and placed in the corners of a room.  There are also several varieties of ventless heaters that can be mounted on the walls.

Ventless propane heaters have great mobility and you can also choose from portable options as well which makes transportation from one room to another easier.  It is also easy to refill gas from local suppliers when you run out of it.  In most cases, people prefer to install propane tanks directly to the heater.  However, for safety sake, the tank should be placed outside while the heater can be placed indoors.

The most important thing to consider when using a propane heater is that you need to have a proper ventilation system in the room where you plan to place the heater.  Propane heaters are not really ventless and they do need a proper supply of air to operate smoothly.

Propane heaters are wonderful products but certain health risks are associated with them which is why they are banned in certain places such as California, Canada and Massachusetts and it is why central heating radiators are often more popular in those areas. The reason being is that propane heaters can substantially use up the oxygen in a room, if the door and windows are completely shut, and this can cause asphyxiation.

It is crucial to always leave the door open in any room being heated by a propane heater. It may seem counter intuitive when you are trying to heat a room, but you can greatly reduce any risks associated with propane heater and still enjoy all the benefits of propane heat if you leave the window in the room open a crack.