The Advantages of An Outdoor Wood Furnace

There are several advantages to owning an outdoor wood furnace. First and foremost is the savings in utility bills over using gas or oil. By using wood, a natural resource, you will save a substantial amount of money each year heating your home. As an example, people who replace their propane based furnace with wood can expect to save up to 75% since propane costs four times as much as wood. Certainly, if you have your own source of wood than the savings will be even greater.

Outdoor wood furnaces are better for the environment which is an important consideration. In addition, by using wood you are lowering your dependency on foreign fuel. Burning wood is environmentally friendly. Burning other types of fuel is not. Wood is a renewable resource so burning it does not release carbon dioxide into the air in the same way that fossil fuels do when burned. The release of carbon dioxide is widely believed to be the cause of the greenhouse effect that is an element in global warming. In addition, outdoor furnaces are not just for heating your home. They can be used to heat hot tubs, pools, garages as well as other outdoor buildings.

When shopping for an outdoor wood burning furnace there are certain features that you want to look for. While all wood furnaces will provide heat, some will be more efficient and some less based on the way they are built. In addition, outdoor wood burning furnaces need to be built for the outdoors in order to withstand the harsh elements and continue to heat your home in the most efficient manner possible.

The best outdoor wood furnace will have several important features but first and foremost it will meet all industry standards and will be approved by the requisite government agencies depending on where you live. Important features to look out for include:

  • Parts made from high quality stainless steel
  • Automatic but simple controls
  • A thick firebox door that will maintain heat and not let it escape
  • Safety latch on door to prevent children from access and also blowback risk
  • Insulation from thick, quality fiberglass
  • Legs to keep out rodents and other bugs
  • Controls that are in the front of the furnace for easy access
  • A large door for ease of  loading the wood