A Guide to Radiant Floor Insulation

If you are looking for a way to save bit of money on your energy bill this year you could purchase and have radiant floor insulation installed. More and more home owners are opting for this solution year after year and home retailers regularly boast about how great it is. But what exactly can it […] Read more »

Researching Electric Underfloor Heating

When researching your central heating and cooling options, many stumble across radiant electric underfloor heating with a giant question mark above their head.  While it is not widely known throughout standard consumers and homeowners, electric underfloor heating is a form of heating that controls the climate of an interior space by using conduction, radiation and […] Read more »

Underfloor Heating Systems For Your Outdoor Pavilion

If you are in the planning stages of building a backyard or pool pavilion for your home, then keep in mind some added options that may create a more inviting user experience for yourself, family, and friends when they are visiting. The few things that come to mind are of course a big screen flat […] Read more »

Underfloor Heating Information from Architects Belfast

The traditional heating system in most homes consists of a heating source, typically called a boiler, connected to a network of pipes and metal radiators. Each room usually consists of at least one radiator depending of the size of the room. The whole system is filled with water which is heated by the boiler. The […] Read more »

Invisible Heating Systems

Heating systems today come in many varieties. There are an assortment of wonderful modern radiators in all sorts of shapes and finishes which add a feature to a contemporary room. There are also some old fashioned central heating radiators which look wonderful in a room with a touch of history and tradition. The truth is […] Read more »