4 Benefits of a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

Water heaters are very important in homes, especially during winter when individuals ward off the chills with glorious hot baths. But heating water is fairly pricy. For each dollar spent on energy, about 25 to 30 percent of this goes to heating water. With the rising cost of utilities, families must ensure that their dollars […] Read more »

Titan Tankless Water Heaters: Small And Efficient

Titan tankless water heaters are gaining popularity among homeowners and apartment dwellers who are looking to save money and heat their water more efficiently. These units replace the traditional water heating design that stores several gallons of water and then must continually keep that water heated. Instead, tankless heaters distribute unlimited hot water on demand. […] Read more »

Titan Tankless Water Heaters Are Money Savers

In the early 1900s the tank water heater became the popular invention for heating water in most homes across America. The large tank took up valuable space, cost money to operate, and was not energy efficient but it was better than heating water on the stove. However, as time passed, newer styles have replaced the […] Read more »