Haier and Sharp Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

There are certainly a lot of people who love the convenience of an air conditioning unit that can be easily rolled around to different areas of a home and have it where it’s most needed. Still, before spending on a device that can be quite pricey, you have to deliberate on whether or not it’s […] Read more »

Keeping Cool When Its Hot with Portable Air Conditioning

Summer is on its way and it won’t be too long before the mercury is climbing into the high numbers and we are all sitting around melting in the heat of those glorious, balmy summer days. If you look forward to those days with relish, then this probably is not for you, but if you […] Read more »

How to Use Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners will not be able to cool down your entire home the way a central air system will, but if you only need to cool down a single room, it can be a cheap and practical solution. Before acquiring a portable air conditioner, make sure you understand its limitations, and make sure you […] Read more »

Portable Air Conditioners Have Many Advantages

If you are debating the benefits of portable air conditioners versus a central system or just looking for a unit to supplement the central air conditioning that is already installed in your home then there are some important advantages that you should review. Namely, Portable air conditioners save you money, they keep different people in […] Read more »