Central Heating Radiators – What’s Wrong and How Do You Fix it?

The operation of central heating radiators is fairly simple, which in turn makes them reliable. However, even reliable systems can experience problems. If you find your central heating radiator acting up, here is a list of common problems, their associated symptoms, and how to fix them. Air Trapped in Radiator If one radiator in your […] Read more »

Central Heating Radiators and Efficiency

Central heating radiators are used to distribute heat in a central heating system. Central heating is the most popular form of heating in the UK and is used in the United States and other locations as well depending on the climate. If central heating is the most suitable choice for your locale, then it is […] Read more »

Central Heating Radiator System Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are aware that central heating radiator systems can save them money but they do not understand the variables making central heating radiators more efficient then other radiator types. What follows are some frequently asked questions and answers about how central heating radiator systems can save you the most amount of money possible. How […] Read more »

Invisible Heating Systems

Heating systems today come in many varieties. There are an assortment of wonderful modern radiators in all sorts of shapes and finishes which add a feature to a contemporary room. There are also some old fashioned central heating radiators which look wonderful in a room with a touch of history and tradition. The truth is […] Read more »

3 Basic Things to Know About Central Heating Pumps

When it comes to central heating pumps there are a few basic things you should know. If you already own a central heating pump you should know how it works so that you know how to tell if something goes wrong. If you have determined that you need a new pump there are a couple […] Read more »