Solar Screens – Best Window Treatment To Keep Out Heat

There are many kinds of window treatments available but none by themselves engage the same energy saving strategy that solar screens do. There are Roman blinds, plantations shutters, curtains, shades and more. These window treatments can help to filter sun light and therefore reduce the amount of heat you get inside your building or house. However, at the same time they also obstruct the outside view in varying degrees as well as desired light and ventilation. So while you may be trying to control the sunlight and heat you get through the window using these above mentioned window treatments will also result in you loosing the advantage of having windows.

Windows are built to give you a view to the outdoors as well as to get ventilation and natural sunlight during the day time thereby saving you the cost of turning on lights. But with having windows comes the disadvantage of heat that penetrates through the glass and overly heats the room. This results in you opting for some form of filter in the shape of a window treatment to control the heat that comes through the windows. However most window treatments aren’t efficient at keeping out the heat without blocking desired light and air flow. The only place where window treatments may be useful is in the bathroom. Bathroom curtains for windows are an unacceptable solution since the bathroom is a place where you want to protect your privacy and covering the window so people who are outside can’t see in is one of the only ways to achieve this.

If you use solar screens you don’t need to suffer the disadvantages of other window treatments. A solar screen covers the whole window and is very effective in blocking the heat during a hot day but at the same time allows light and air to come into your home. Solar window screens also do not obstruct your view. Generally speaking, solar screen shades have been most popular in hot climates such as Texas, Florida and California but other states who suffer from hot summers are now finding out the benefits of using window solar screens as well.

If you are concerned about the cost of installing solar sun screens on every window of your home, don’t be. You only need these solar screens for windows that are exposed to the sun’s beating rays during the hottest time of the day. If the room gets direct sunlight in the late morning and early afternoon then it is a good candidate for solar shade screens because that is the hottest time of the day. Rooms that get direct sunlight at other times of the day, don’t really need a solar window screen.

For the hottest rooms of your home, solar screens don’t just reduce the heat, they also allow your air conditioner to work more efficiently since it won’t be constantly battling the pounding heat through the window. A more efficient air conditioner means lower energy bills and a big savings at the end of the month.

Solar screens may also be used on covered porches or patios. This will provide a cooler, shadier outside area for your family during the day.