So Why Do You Need a Bathroom Dehumidifier Anyway?

Few people find out the significance of a bathroom dehumidifier until it is too late. However when you understand its benefits it seems sensible to get one sooner rather than later. The bathroom is a room of the home that is specifically prone to dampness accumulation that comes from the steam of hot baths and showers. If the moisture is not taken away from the environment, it can and will lead to several complications, for example mold and mildew. Mold and mildew subsequently can cause structural harm to walls as well as flooring.

Over time, if you do not maintain your home it will become rundown. For example, unattended damp in the bathroom can cause warping floors under showers and also areas close to bathtubs and toilets. The solution for this problem is usually to remove the flooring so that the surface area below can be replaced, no small task. Humidity inside of cabinets can cause wood to swell or rot and also will entice insects including silverfish, termites and palmetto bugs to call it their new home.

Modern homes are usually built with air flow capability within the bathroom to help expel moisture, however in older properties you’ll probably still find bathrooms that have no way to remove dampness. In these instances you will usually see signs of moisture problems such as mildew, mold and also rotted timber. Add to those the unmistakable earthy, damp moldy smell that you and your guests will notice.

The use of a fan might be OK in areas where the dampness is of course lower, simply because moisture should be easily removed by simply turning on the exhaust fan as well as opening the window. In very damp climates or colder weather conditions there may be pints of moisture that are more or less impossible to remove since it is almost everywhere and the vapor from your bathroom simply contributes to this every day.

Usually in these instances, bathroom dehumidifiers can help the exhaust fan to get rid of wetness in the atmosphere as well as revert it back to a more acceptable level of comfort for you and your family.

For the bathroom a dehumidifier doesn’t have to be huge or even expensive either, no installation problems will arise regarding use of a mini dehumidifier or even a portable dehumidifier and you may already have one of these on hand. A compact dehumidifier is convenient to use simply because you just plug it in and you are ready to go. For much less than $100, you can have a small device which sits indiscreetly on the counter top or perhaps inside a small cabinet constantly removing moisture.

Replacing rotted surfaces damaged from too much humidity in the bathroom can cost thousands of dollars and in certain cases the damage isn’t confined only to the bathroom but will extend to other parts of the home as well.

The floor within an upstairs bathroom will most likely be the upper ceiling to another room in your home. When moisture takes hold, it can cause water damage, mold and mildew to damage the ceiling underneath. The same is true regarding walls as well as the flooring from the room above the bathroom.

It is easy to see how a small amount of extra moisture inside a bathroom can cause a domino effect to roll right into a huge difficulty that requires major refurbishments and plenty of money to fix the additional problems created. Additionally, when you consider the health hazards posed by inhaling and exhaling oxygen that’s polluted with mold spores and other contaminants, a bathroom dehumidifier is one thing you shouldn’t be without.