Troubleshooting Tips for Richmond Water Heaters

Rheem, a company that is at the forefront of the innovation and creation of various kinds of heating equipment, is the manufacturer of Richmond water heaters gas and the Richmond water heaters electric. When you have a water heater that’s either powered by gas or electricity, it will help to know a few basic repair or maintenance tips. Having knowledge regarding certain less serious heater problems will equip you with the ability to address simple issues that plague your heater rather than immediately running to a technician whose services may not come in cheap.

In a number of Richmond water heaters reviews, one of the most common concerns of consumers is about the heater not working. Many have experienced being jolted by icy cold water once the shower is turned on; spurts of cold or lukewarm water during showers; or no hot water at all. Conversely, a lot of consumers feel very satisfied with their water heaters. They say that the temperature of the water output with Richmond heaters is very consistent and supply is continuous. These water heaters also have very accessible adjustable dials that you can readily turn to regulate water temperature.

When troubleshooting water heater problems, it’s best to start with the most obvious and the simplest actions. For instance, if the trouble is that your water heater isn’t working, a sensible thing to do is to check your power supply. Sometimes, the root of the problem may just be because of improper connections. So, first make sure that you electric heater is connected to a power source. If it’s still not working, check fuses and breakers. Reset tripped breakers; but if your fuse is the problem, you’ll need to buy a new one. For gas heaters, see if the gas valves are open. If the heater is still not working, see if the pilot light is still functioning. In a Richmond gas heater, the gas that warms up the water supply is usually ignited by a pilot light. Finally, clean the heater tank. The accumulation of sediments on the tank can hamper the efficiency of a Richmond water heater.

If your heater still fails to function, call a technician. There may be a need for new Richmond water heaters parts. Remember that parts do deteriorate even with the best brands in the market. Also, before troubleshooting your heater, make sure that the power is turned off. Richmond electric water heaters generally use 240 volts or power, which means that it can extract about 18 amps that will cause serious electrocution. So, extreme care must be taken.