Retrofitting Range Hoods

Remodeling a kitchen can offer several challenges. Often when you are modernizing a kitchen you will find it necessary to alter cabinetry or move things around. One of the biggest challenges in remodeling older kitchens is retrofitting range hoods.

In homes that are more than 70 years old you will often find that the kitchen has remained in its original state. This is common because moving things around in a kitchen can be costly and work intensive. Therefore, many of these homes do not have modern appliances and additions such as range hoods. In fact you may not find any type of ducting at all. In some of those homes that do have a kitchen exhaust system will often have old chimney type ducting that has become dilapidated and dangerous. The safest thing to do may be to remove these and replace them with updated and more modern kitchen range hoods.

When retrofitting a kitchen range hood, you need to take into consideration the location of the range. Are you going to leave it where it is? Some people choose to put it in the center of the room using island range hoods. If you plan to leave it where it is you then need to determine if your new range hood is going to stand alone or go under a cabinet.

An existing cabinet may pose somewhat of a problem because you will need to shorten the length of it in the location of your range. Doing this allows room for the range hood to fit between the rest of the cabinetry and at a good distance from your stove top. Next you can choose from either a ducted or a ductless range hood. If you choose to go with a ductless model then shortening the cabinet and adding your wiring is all that is necessary before installation. If you choose to use a ducted kitchen range hood then you will need to include an opening for your ducting in the bottom of the cabinet as well as another for the exhaust.

Retrofitting your cabinets in this manner is not the easiest thing to do, it takes a bit of careful planning and usually the cabinets will need to be removed in doing so. Keeping your original cabinetry will allow you to better maintain the homes original and unique nature which is a plus if you love the old style in your kitchen. A much easier although more costly method is to completely replaces your existing cabinetry with system that is designed to accommodate your range hood. If you want a new fresher look in your kitchen, then this may be the option you prefer.