Researching Electric Underfloor Heating

When researching your central heating and cooling options, many stumble across radiant electric underfloor heating with a giant question mark above their head.  While it is not widely known throughout standard consumers and homeowners, electric underfloor heating is a form of heating that controls the climate of an interior space by using conduction, radiation and convection through pipes, cables, mats and films.  While these systems have been around for many years in Korea, more modern technologies such as the hot water heater systems are used in newer and more advanced homes.

If you are still asking what is electric underfloor heating going in further detail about how a hot water system works will give you a better understanding.  In hot water systems, pipes are laid underneath the flooring in the home and above the concrete foundation.  These composite or aluminum based pipes will be spaced evenly and attached at the joints for proper hot water flow.  While this is an effective way to pump heat into a home through the use of hot water, it is important that proper installation is performed to prevent blockages and air bubbles from forming.

Wet underfloor electric heaters are also available that provide both heating and cooling throughout summer and winter months.  The wet units will take the heat out of the system and provide a chill through the flooring pipes when necessary.  While these systems are very energy efficient and can reduce your electric bill up to 40% there are also disadvantages.  Because the system is in the flooring you should consider the moisture in your home, as it can reduce thermal conductivity causing heat loss.  Insulation in the home must also be of high quality to insure the home stays warm or cool.

There are several choices on the market when upgrading or replacing your central heating and cooling units.  Research all of your options and ask the experts what is electric underfloor heating and how it can benefit you by reducing your utility costs monthly.