Replacing Air Conditioner Filters

Clogged air conditioner filters effect the efficiency of air conditioners as well as the quality of air they release.

A dirty air filter reduces the cooling effect of air conditioning systems as well as its air flow. This makes air conditioners utilize more electricity to work, thus increasing your energy bills. Also the air that is released becomes packed with allergens and impurities. The same is true of furnace filters. That being said, cleaning air conditioner filters periodically is extremely necessary. But sometimes it is not enough, therefore replacement might be needed. As a rule of thumb, air filters that are regularly used must be changed every 30–60days. To help you effectively accomplish the task, here are some tips on how to replace air filters.

  • Shut off the air conditioner and locate its filter. For a furnace system, the air filter is usually attached to the air conditioning unit, while for forced air system it is located over a vent where air is taken in. Most furnace filters are covered with a metal grill.
  • Figure out the actual size of the old filter. This is important to ascertain that new filter will fit perfectly on your air conditioning unit. If are unsure about the filter’s size, you may call the manufacturer and ask for the details of the air filter installed in your unit. Do not replace the filter unless you are already certain of its exact size.
  • Purchase a new filter of the same size. You may opt for a different variety of air filter that will better suit your needs, but remember that it should be of similar dimensions with the old filter.
  • Take note of how the air filter is attached to the air conditioner and the direction of the airflow before you remove the filter. Locate similar marking on the old filter.
  • Detach the old filter and clean the metal grill using a vacuum cleaner. Attach the new air conditioner filter in the same way the old one was attached. When done, carefully close the covering.

Replacing air conditioner filters should not be a difficult task. In fact, any person with a basic idea on the right filter replacement technique will be able to do it.