Reviews about Combi Potterton Boilers

Potterton is a British company offering several types of heating systems. They have over 150 years of experience in the cooling and heating industry, making them one of the oldest and most reliable names in the UK and around the world. The Potterton combi boilers, and also Potterton gas boilers, are recognized as very efficient, quick to set up, and also compact in built. There are three Potterton combi boiler models on hand today, and these are: Gold Combi HE A, Performa Combi HE, and the Promax Combi HE.

Potterton Gold Combi HE A
• More than 90% efficient. Given a SEDBUK or Seasonal Efficiency in Domestic Boilers in the United Kingdom rating of “A”
• Outputs of: 24, 28, and 33 kW – making them highly capable of meeting domestic demands
• Class 5 (the best) NOx emissions – making them very eco-friendly
• Stainless steel heat exchanger
• 2-year parts and labor warranty
• With incorporated frost protection to make the equipment last for a long time
• Powerful control system – able to regulate supply depending on demand

Cited Problems with the Potterton Gold Combi HE A
• Some units have a leaking problem.
Hot water supply does not reach upper floors.
If the boiler is supplying enough heat downstairs, then there may be no problem with the boiler. Troubleshooting tips:
– Verify if both the cold and hot water pipes are connected to each other.
– Check the thermostat. If it’s set on low, adjust to a higher temperature.
– There may also be trapped air inside pipe lines. Have an installer put vents in the most suitable place.

Performa Combi HE
• SEDBUK “B” rating
• Outputs of: 11 kW to 30 kW – great for domestic installation
• Hot water and heating controls are independent of each other
• Consumers have the option of choosing the wireless thermostat that can also be programmed
• Comes with an LPG conversion kit

Cited Problems with the Performa Combi HE
• A problem that has been mentioned about this model is that the pressure in the Potterton boiler remains elevated at 3 bar even when water has been emptied from its radiator.
Troubleshooting tips:
– Check the filling loop which may be leaking water into your system.
– There may be a leak with the secondary heat exchanger.

Promax Combi HE
• More than 90% efficient. SEDBUK “A”
• Class 5 (the best) NOx emissions
• With incorporated frost protection to make the equipment last for a long time
• Compatible with the Potterton wireless room thermostat
• Can also be used with LPG

Cited Problems with the Promax Combi HE
• Leaking water from drain tube
Troubleshooting tips:
– You can put pushfit fittings to take care of such Potterton boiler problems. You can do this on your own or have an installer do the job for you.