Stay Cool with Portable Air Conditioning Units

Whether you live in a home that has no air conditioning, have an addition that is not connected to the central unit or have a room that does not stay as cool as you would like, portable air conditioning units may be the answer to your cooling problems.

The most common portable air conditioning unit are the window mount units that are found in many homes.  These units are considered portable as they could theoretically be installed in any window of the house or easily moved to another home.  Small, 5000 BTU window units may be purchased very inexpensively at around $100.  These small units may range in size up to 12000 BTU.  Prices increase in accordance to the size.  One of the advantages of these small units is that they use any 110 volt household outlet.  Units larger that 12000 BTU often require 220 volt current and may require an electrician install additional wiring.  With these units, the heat that is removed from the home is sent outside using a blower trough coils at the back of the unit outside.

Another type of portable air conditioning that has become available in recent years, uses the same principles as the window unit, but the exhaust air moves through a plastic tube that is placed in the window.  This unit is on wheels and can easily move from one location to another.  The plastic tube is moved to a new window near the new location of the unit.  This system does not block a window like the less expensive window units do once installed.  With this setup, occupants of the home can still open windows to ask random personal questions of anyone working in the yard.

While window units can effectively keep a home cool, the roll around units probably work best as an auxiliary cooling system, supplementing the central cooling unit in kitchens and other rooms that may tend to stay too warm during the heat of summer.