Haier and Sharp Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

There are certainly a lot of people who love the convenience of an air conditioning unit that can be easily rolled around to different areas of a home and have it where it’s most needed. Still, before spending on a device that can be quite pricey, you have to deliberate on whether or not it’s going to be worth every penny. This is why it’s a great idea to check out what others think about portable air conditioners on best portable air conditioner reviews online, which is very convenient and fast.

So, here are some consumer reports about two popular brands that offer portable air conditioning units, namely: Haier and Sharp.

Haier Portable Air Conditioner Reviews
The Good:
• Units are available in a number of sizes to fit small, medium, or large rooms.
• Most Haier portable air conditioning units have very high consumer reviews with BTUs between 7000 and 10,000 BTU.
• Units have 24 on/off timer and electronic controls.
• There are units (Haier 7000 BTU) with auto evaporative function. This means that the unit is quite self-sufficient and it will not need to be maintained often.
• Easy to install
• Haier units are also very affordable and a lot of consumers believe that their money is well spent since Haier units perform really well, especially when it comes to its cooling capabilities.
• Units are very quiet while running.
• Units with the Energy Star logo are very energy efficient.

The Bad:
• Some consumers have complained of portable units that are difficult to set up. The manual that comes with the product does not provide explicit instructions.
• There are Haier units that do not adequately provide cooling. For instance, a unit that claims to have the capability of cooling a 250-300 square foot area cannot sufficiently cool a room that’s just 180 sq. ft.
• Drainage from some units is unmanageable.

Sharp Portable Air Conditioner Reviews
The Good:
• Units are available in a number of sizes to fit small, medium, or large rooms.
• These portable units work with BTUs between 9500 (Sharp CV-P10MX) to 11,500 BTU (Sharp CVP12LX).
• In many Sharp units, the vent hose is fairly simple to set up outside a window.
• A lot of smaller models are very quiet.
• Polished design
• Easy to clean
• Fairly durable
• There are certain units with an Energy Star (AF-S80MX), which means that these are the types that are energy efficient.
• Some units also have 12-hour timers, so homeowners can readily adjust how long they wish their ACs to run.
The Bad:
• Some portable air conditioner units do not have an LCD display, and this means that it’s going to be quite a challenge to control a device without its remote. There have also been users who have suggested that the remote be taped on the device because you’ll really feel lost and out of control without your unit’s remote.
• Some of the units look very chunky. So, get measurements first before purchasing one.
• The larger units are also very loud. Buyers have even mentioned that they had to transfer to another room where the sound was tolerable.