Taking a Look at Peerless Boilers

It’s important to have a reliable boiler, particularly during winter time. Homeowners will definitely feel and appreciate the winter season better when their heating tools are working fine and warming their homes so that when they come in from the cold, they will be bathed in comforting warmth.

There are definitely several well-known names when it comes to heating equipment, and one of which is Peerless Boilers. Peerless systems are hydronic heating systems. In a hydronic system, there is a closed system of pipes where hot water runs through; hence, transferring heat wherever it’s directed. There is a wide range of boilers offered by the company. You can get a Peerless boiler suitable for either residential or commercial space. Peerless hot or steam boiler systems can also be fueled by gas or oil. Venting can also be a direct-vent or a natural draft venting. These boilers come in several sizes and shapes to suit the installation needs of every home. Moreover, products are under warranties. The company offers “full cost” warranties that do not depreciate with time. This means that consumers can really invest on Peerless boilers knowing that these are backed up by full coverage during the whole warranty period. Here is a quick peek at some of the boilers offered by Peerless.

Residential Boilers
The Peerless Purefire is gas-fired with and an output of 46 to 192 MBH. It is made from stainless steel and it has a direct vent with a sealed combustion chamber. It has an AFUE rating of 97.3% and it is cascade capable for up to 16 boilers.

The Cast 92-2 Peerless boiler is also gas-fired with an output of 37 to 184 MBH. It is a condensing boiler made of cast iron and its AFUE rating is 92.7%. With some valve adjustment, users can either utilize natural or LP gas for this boiler. It does not emit high amounts of CO2, which means that it’s very friendly to the environment.

Commercial Boilers
The Peerless Purefire PF-399 is a commercial grade boiler made of top quality stainless steel with an output of 75 to 373 MBH. It uses both natural and LP gas and its one-year warranty includes parts and labor.

The Series 211A is also a commercial boiler that uses both natural and LP gas. It is made from cast iron with an output of 504 to 7,560 MBH. It is a steam and hot water boiler with natural draft venting.

Before purchasing a boiler, compare prices and product specifications first to determine if equipment will be suitable choices for homes or spaces. There are hundreds of boiler models, from the typical boiler with a tank or the tankless boiler. High performance modern boiler models are also available for homes and business establishments.