Inspecting your Payne Furnace Filters

As with any type of furnace, it is important to check and change your Payne furnace filters regularly. In the process of checking or changing your filters, remember that you should take care not to turn on your furnace when there is no filter inside. If you run your furnace with no filter you can do extensive damage to the blower motor of your furnace. Running a furnace with no filter also allows dust and other particles to enter the furnace and can damage Payne parts which will lower the efficiency of your furnace.

If you neglect to change your Payne furnace filter, this could result in excess stress being placed on the essential parts of your furnace. If your furnace shuts down suddenly, check the filters to see if they are excessively dirty. Payne furnaces sometimes shut down automatically for this reason.

Payne recommends that you check your furnace filters once a month and either replace them or wash them as required. It is also a good idea to check your filters before the winter season starts. If you are using disposable media filters it is recommended to replace them every six months.

When it is time to replace your Payne furnace filter it is crucial that you replace it with a filter that is the same type and also the same size that was noted in your furnace’s original specifications.

Where is your Payne furnace filter located?

A Payne furnace has a rack or cabinet located either on the side or on the furnace’s bottom. Furnace air filters is generally found in this location. If you find your Payne filters in a different location then you should contact your dealer of Payne heating products to find out how to remove it.

The following are the steps recommended by Payne for checking and either replacing or cleaning your Payne furnace filter.

  1. Make sure that the furnace has been disconnected from its source of electricity.
  2. Open the cabinet door that houses the filter or remove the rack.
  3. Remove the Payne filter making sure that the dirty side of the filter is facing up.
  4. Check the filter. If it is damaged in any way it should be replaced. If it is a disposable furnace filter and is dirty then it also needs to be replaced. Payne washable furnace filters can be rinsed off in a sink or with a house outside. If you require detergent, make sure you use a mild type and that all detergent is rinsed off thoroughly. Make sure the filter is completely dry before replacing it in your Payne furnace.
  5. Reinstall your clean furnace air filter.
  6. Replace the door to your furnace’s filter cabinet.
  7. Reconnect your furnace to it’s electric source and turn it on.

If your model of furnace uses 2 Payne furnace filters on the side of the unit, you can inspect and replace/clean your filters using the same steps outlined above. Make sure that you always use the same size and type as is outlined in your Payne furnace manual.