Pall Filters: Filter Validation

One of the world leaders in the field of filtration, Pall filters is a company that provides a diversity of products for this global industry. The entity offers a range of advanced products for filtration and their clients are among the best and finest in a variety of industries. Pall filters service groups in the aerospace, defense, and marine industry; food and beverage; fuels and chemicals; industrial manufacturing; power generation; transportation; and water treatment. As you can see, this company is among the few, or even the only one in the world who can ably provide for various markets that often have need for top of the line filtration media. These industries benefit from the innovative tools from Pall filters catalogue that protect equipment, thereby enhancing its performance and improving its longevity. Not only that, items that Pall filters distributors offer the global markets are first-rate, functional, and regularly reviewed for quality since the company recognizes that filtration is a serious and crucial process, especially in the production of certain goods.

What is Pall’s filter validation?
Filter validation is the process by which the appropriateness of a filtration medium is examined. Experts from Pall’s Validation Laboratories question a filter’s performance. They check if the filtration medium has an effect on the material that it is filtering, and if the material itself has an effect on the filter. This is an important process particularly for filters that are used in the medical and biopharmaceutical fields.

The company provides filter validation services. Filter validation can be done to assess the performance of filters, including exhaust filters, air filter media, Pall water filters, Pall oil filters, and many others. Pall is well-equipped to evaluate the adsorptive effects of filters; to test the strength of wet filters; and to assess microbial retention on filters, among many other services. It is significant to check the adsorptive qualities of a filter because it will tell how much gas or liquid molecules can amass on the surface of a filter. As for testing the strength of wet filters, this is very crucial for filters that are going to be used with sensitive equipment. It’s imperative that specific types of filters keep their integrity even in a wet environment. The microbial filtration test is done to check how sterile the filtrate of a certain type of filter.

Pall Corporation is certainly a world leader that aims to provide the globe with excellent filtration media. Not only that, the company is also very conscious about the effects of technology on the environment, which is why they strive to produce Pall filters and other goods that have little or no effect to the environment. The company is truly very high standard too because they follow stringent regulations and are very attentive to regulatory changes concerning the industry.