An Oil Filter Cross Reference Protects Your Engine

As part of a routine maintenance plan for any engine, an oil change is an absolute necessity. Without this step, you mitigate the benefits of new oil, and reduce the overall lifespan and efficiency of your engine. Without this relatively easy process, your engine could have disastrous consequences as the oil thickens from dirt and burning from friction, leading to the pistons in your engine locking up and ceasing to work at all. This engine failure is critical, and would require a significant time, and often costly investment to get the engine back to working condition. Along with the oil itself, the oil filter must be changed as well in order to keep your engine running as smoothly as possible.

As the oil thickens, and picks up particulates, the filter strains these particulates out of the oil, allowing the cleaner oil to be recycled into the engine to lubricate the moving parts. With this in mind, know that not all oil filters are created equally. Oftentimes the best way to give you the ideal filter for your engine is to do an oil filter cross reference. This will give you the strengths and weaknesses of your oil filter, and compare cost versus benefit between other similar oil filters.

An oil filters cross reference can be viewed at any hardware store that sells oil, and can be presented by comparing either individual bottles, or in some instances a chart with the different oils listed categorically. This oil filter cross reference chart is one of the easiest ways to compare oils to each other.

Two of the main brands of oil filters (and ironically air filters as well), are Wix and their primary competitor, Fram. Both companies compete heavily for your business as to what is the ideal filter for your engine. Wix provides such a chart that can compare each type of filter they provide, along with what engines it is capable of being used on, as well as a comparison to other oil filters. The Wix oil filter cross reference chart is easy to read, and oftentimes has visuals to help someone unfamiliar with the intimacies of what an oil filter is supposed to do, actually select the appropriate oil filter for their engine. The Fram oil filters cross reference started this trend when people found the effectiveness of this chart showed a sense of trust in the product, and allowed people to find an oil filter solution themselves, without the hassle of going to a mechanic for a costly oil change. Not only will this save you money on the oil change itself, but also on your investment in the long run.