Using Oil Filled Radiators Efficiently

If you want to save money on your heating bills in the winter, you can turn your thermostat down and let your house stay a little bit cooler or you can use oil filled radiators. While many people might be most comfortable in a home that’s about 21° (70°F), setting your thermostat lower than that can save you a lot on your energy bills. This is particularly important if your bills make winter difficult for you. By lowering your thermostat just 1° you can save up to 5% on your energy bill. So every degree beyond that can save another 3% to 5% on the original bill. Unfortunately, some people who have serious money problems in the winter keep their homes uncomfortably cold simply because they can’t afford anything else.

Using an oil filled radiator, however, can help keep those bills low while keeping you comfortable. You can turn the whole house thermostat down and stay warm without a higher utility bill. You can buy an electric oil filled radiator for a rather small sum. That’s a one-time cost, and though they use electricity the cost of running the small oil filled heaters is nothing compared to keeping an entire house heated. These are space heaters designed to warm you and the room you’re in and not a whole house or several rooms. More and more people are choosing to turn to these types of space heaters while keeping most of the house very cool.

When compared to other types of space heaters, units like the Kenwood oil filled radiator are ideal. They are safe to use at night because there’s no open flame and no open area that can touch anything and set it on fire. An electric space heater that uses heated coils to radiate warmth has caused many fires over the years and just aren’t safe in many situations. Kerosene heaters put out fumes and should not be used in enclosed spaces. But an oil filled radiator heater is totally enclosed and have many features that make them safe.