Mobile Home Furnace Facts

If you own a mobile or manufactured home then you know that certain appliances need to be bought specifically to suit your smaller and manufactured home. A mobile home furnace is no exception. Certain companies specialize in mobile home furnaces and offer both gas and electric options. Once you have reviewed this information, you will have some background when shopping for a new mobile home furnace.

The importance of a mobile home furnace should not be overlooked. That is because using the wrong type of furnace in your mobile or manufactured home can actually be dangerous. Specifically, mobile homes have smaller ductwork which is why you need a special furnace. The smaller space means that air does not flow as freely as in larger homes so the mobile home furnace needs to be built for that reality. The fan in the furnace helps push the hot air through the smaller area. The primary difference between a regular furnace and a mobile home furnace is not only in the ducting and venting but also in installation. Purchasing your furnace from the right company will ensure that your furnace meets all these specifications.

There are two brands of mobile home furnaces that are reliable and sought after by consumers. Coleman is a company well known for quality and reliability. They make several types of mobile home furnaces. A Coleman mobile home furnace uses a venting design referred to as sealed combustion. This design safely pulls in the combustion air from outdoors which has the effect of minimizing noise and also cold drafts. Miller is a company that makes furnaces and air conditioners specifically for manufactured homes. With this in mind, you can be rest assured that a Miller mobile home furnace will be built appropriately for use in your mobile home. Both of these brands makes different types of furnaces for mobile homes.

There are two main types of furnaces for mobile homes. A mobile home electric furnace can cost up to 30% less than their gas counterparts. However, gas furnaces are generally cheaper to operate. The Coleman series offers electric furnaces that can be used for air conditioning as well if used with a heat pump. A mobile home gas furnace can also be used for air conditioning. In the Coleman series you need to add an evaporator cooling coil and an outside air conditioner condenser in order to use it for cooling.

Now that you know the importance of using a specialized furnace in your mobile home, you will undoubtedly want to seek out the most reliable brands available. Studying the cost of electricity versus gas in your area will be additionally helpful in making the decision to buy an electric mobile home furnace versus a gas one.