Extractor Fans Are Your Friends When it Comes to Mold Prevention

Before the 1980’s and 1990’s buildings were not nearly as energy efficient and well insulated as they are today. Sash, single glazed windows would let the cold air in and a lack of insulating materials in the walls and attic meant a great deal of heat escaped the home. Home heating wasn’t as advanced as it is today with the advent of under floor heating and the like. All of these advances are obviously great news for the environment and also for our bank balance.

The only real drawback is that we must now consciously go out of our way to create a home atmosphere that is fresh and healthy. With no heat loss, and all drafts sealed up tight, where can the stale, hot, damp air that we pump into our home air escape to. Running hot water, cooking and even just breathing sends moisture into the air which is no longer being circulated as it would have done in the past. This is leading to a lot of condensation and in turn we are seeing more of mold like mildew. No one likes cleaning mold and mildew so what can we do.

Extractor fans are reasonably priced and fairly easy to install and will solve all air circulation problems for you if you live in an average moderate climate. If possible please install them in such a way that damp air is sucked in and the expelled via vents to the outside. Some air circulation is better than none for removing mildew and the causes of mildew but results will be better if you’re not just recirculating air within the home.

Previously you would hook the fan into the light appliance in your bathroom or on your cooking hood. Turn on the light and on comes the fan. Today’s innovation is a fan with a built in sensor that will start the motor when the air humidity reaches a certain point. These are definitely the most advantageous models.