Repair Tips for Simple Problems with Luxaire Furnaces

Luxaire is a respected company that provides a wide selection of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and also refrigerating equipment. The company was founded in 1939 and at that time, it went by the name C.A. Olsen Manufacturing Company. The business first created and distributed coal and gas warm-air furnaces. Consumer demands for warm-air heating devices continued to increase and this inspired the development of air-conditioning units for year-round use. In 1965, the name was changed to Luxaire, Inc. as the company came under new management. But the first air conditioning device that bore the “Luxaire” trademark came out in 1954.

Looking at the Luxaire furnace manual, you’ll find that most of their furnaces are very efficient and these also bear the Energy Star sign, which is a symbol for energy efficient products. Luxaire furnaces are gas-powered and these possess an ignition source, instead of the conventional pilot light. Other basic elements of a Luxaire furnace are the blower and the heat exchanger. This also has a filtration medium that filters air before it is released. These furnaces are also suitable for use in residences or in business establishments. Because of the simple components of these types of units, anyone can do Luxaire furnaces troubleshooting.

Here are some tips about Luxaire furnace repair.
Problem: Furnace is not working.
Solution: Check if the Luxaire furnace parts are properly connected to the power supply. If necessary, see if there are problems with the circuit breakers or fuses. Restart these if needed.

Problem: Furnace is not working.
Solution: Check the gas valve. If it’s open, the device won’t work.
Important Reminder: Before igniting the device, assess if the smell of gas is present. If it is, leave right away and contact the proper authorities.

Problem: LED display will not turn on or the display is red and rapidly flashing on and off.
Solution: This is an indication of a more serious operation problem which will mean that the expertise of trained and authorized service technicians is needed. So, contact a reliable technician immediately. However, a slow green or amber flash means that the device is alright
Important Reminder: Some brands include parts and labor in product warranties. Check Luxaire furnace prices and the warranty of your item and see what items or services are still under warranty to save money on parts and labor.

What the red flashes mean:
One (1) red flash indicates that a flame appeared even when there was no need for it. This poses a great risk as it can suggest a gas leak. Smell for gas and leave the premises if you detect gas in the air.
Two (2) red flashes indicate that switch contacts aren’t working. Investigate wired connections, as well as the pressure switch.
Eight (8) red flashes indicate that the gas level of your furnace’s fuel tank is low.
If the red light is continuously on, this indicates a problem with the main control system.